Culture and art

Lyngby Arts Centre

KulturhusetIn the spring of 2001, a new Mecca of art was ready in Lyngby. Lyngby Arts Centre, Lyngby Kulturhus, holds 11 cinema auditoria in which all the newest movies are run. The sizes of the auditoria vary from 114 to 522 seats. Every auditorium has all the most modern equipment.

The arts centre also holds a large music and theatre auditorium holding up to 350 individuals. This auditorium together with two smaller ones, are the setting for a varied range of concerts and theatre performances. There are also a number of relaxed cafés and restaurants.

Arts in Kongens Lyngby

LyngbykronenKongens Lyngby offers a massive amount of art, no matter if one prefers paintings or craftsman-ship. Both great impressive exhibitions and smaller ones display the art of fantastic artists. Among these may be mentioned the Gallerie Bunch’s (Lyngby Torv 5) running exhibitions of the works of Danish artists. Moreover, it is possible to buy the paintings if one falls in love with one or two of them.

The internationally acknowledged craftsman, the goldsmith Jytte Kløve, with her work shop on Hovedgaden 44 in Kongens Lyngby, is also always worth a visit. Jytte Kløve has among other things made the famous Lyngby Pendant, Lyngby Krone, shining bright in the city during winter.

Also worth a visit is Damhuset (Lyngby Hovedgade 1C), and here, like at Gallerie Buch, the exhibited works of art are sold. Within the last few years, Damhuset has developed and today offers exclusive works of art from all over the country.